Orchestral Compositions

Symphony for Organ and orch.(1973), 25´, CHF, rec.: Cro Praha
Symphony E flat Major (1982), 27´, CHF, rec.: Panton
Symphony D Major (1984), 27´, mat.: autor, rec.: Panton
Symphony for Stringquartett and orch. (1987), 30´,CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
Four Seasons.Symphony for Organ and. Orch.(2001), 22´,mat+rec.:CRo Praha

The Honouor to Bach. Suite (1971), 18´, CHF, rec.:CRo Plzeň
Ouverture for Orchestra (1979), 9´, CHF, rec.:CRo Brno
The Worldś carnival. Ouverture (1983), 13´, CHF, CD: Radioservis
RUR.Passacaglia inspired by a play K.Čapek (1986), 14´, mat.:CRo,CD:Radioservis
Capriccio. Concert for Piano trio and orch. (1986), 24´, CHF. Rec.:CRo Plzeň
Kassadandra. Symphonic piece for corno inglese and orchestra (2004), 10´, mat.: author
Serenade based on Czech Christmasssongs for Chamber Orchestra (2004) 28´ mat.: author

Transformation. Symfonietta for violin solo and stringorch. (1976), 13´,
CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
Serenata notturna for stringorch. (1996), 26´,mat.+ rec.: CRo Praha

Nocturnalia for woodwind ensemble (1997), 13´, Alliance Publ.USA,
rec.: CRo, CD: PrahaRadioservis

The Christmas Eulogium.Cantata for soli,mixed choir and orch.(1973), 16´
Sonata of Love for Life for barytone and Stringorch. (1975) 15´, CHF, rec.:CRo Praha
Tale of the Spruce for childern´s choir, narrator and chamber Orch. (1975), 23´
mat. + rec.: CRo Praha
In the Country of memories.Cycle of Songs for higher voice and Stringorch.
(1977/86) 14´, CHF,
The Waz across the Room.cantata for barytone solo,male choir and orch
(1978) 17´, CHF, rec.: Supraphon
Requiem for solos, choirs, organ and orch. (1992) 60´
Crescendo. Cycle of Songs for Barytone solo and orch. (2001), 17´ rec.: Cro, mat.: Triga

Children’s Radio Operas

Spring is here (1975), 11´, mat. + rec.: CRo Praha
Before Christmas (1978), 17´, mat. + rec.: CRo Praha
When Autumn came (1980), 8 ´, mat. + rec.: CRo Praha


Chamber Compositions

String Quartet No. 1 (1972), 20´, man.
String Quartet No. 2 (1973), 16´, CHF, CD: Radioservis
String Quartet No. 3 (1974), 15´, man., rec,: CRo Praha
String Quartet No. 4 (1979), 15´, CHF, rec.: CRo Praha, Panton
String Quartet No. 5 (1985), 12´, Supraphon, rec.: CRo Praha
String Quartet No. 6 - Mozart´s complaint (2006), 12´, man. rec.: CRo Praha
String Quartet No. 7 (2002), 15´, mat.. author, rec.: Cro Praha
String Quartet No. 8 (2005) with solo soprano
Piano Quintet (1990), 20´ man., rec.: CRo Praha
Sextet for Oboe, harp and strinquartet - Hrubín´s variationen,(1999), 23´,
man. CD: Radioservis

Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 (1974), 15´, man., rec.: CRo Praha
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 (1980), 22´, CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 3 (1982), 15´, CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
Scherzo for Violin and Piano (1979), 6´, CHF
Sonata for Viola and Piano (1989), 19´, man., rec.: CRo Praha
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1985), 15´, CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano (1976), 14´, Panton, rec.: CRo Praha
CD: Konzervatoř Paha
Duo for Violine and Violoncello (1983), 11´, man., rec.: CRo Praha
Scherzo for 5 Violoncellos (1988), 6´ man.
Shakespearean Echoes for flute, violin, cello and piano (1974/96), 10´,
man., CD: Triga
Impress for flute,bassclarinet (violoncello) and piano (1988), 10´, man.

Piano sonata (1977), 11´, CHF, rec.: CRo Praha
The Album. Cycle for piano solo (1988), 33´, man., rec.: CRo Praha

The Dancing fantasy for guitar quartet (1988), 7´, man., rec.: CRo Praha

A little Suite for Organ (1972), 7´,man.,rec.: CRo Praha
Prague panorama for Organ (1982), 6 ´, Panton, rec.: CRo Praha
The Portrait. Sonata-fantasy for Organ (1986), 10´, man., rec.:CRo Praha
CD: Kalendář Liberecka
Choralsonate for Organ (2000), 14´, man. rec.: CRo Praha
Variations-sonate for Organ (2003), 10´, man. rec.: CRo Praha

3 Shots for Accordion (1973), 5´, Supraphon
Introduction, fugue and coda for accordion (1978), 8´, CHF

Six preludes for flute solo (1983), 10´, Panton
Furioso. Dance for Oboe and Piano (1977), 5´, CHF,
3 pastorale for oboe solo (1994), 8´, Eset ,
Sonate for Oboe (1995), 15´, Triga, rec.: CRo Praha
Competition Music for Fagot and Piano (1974), 8´, CHF, rec.: CRo Plzeň
Trio for Oboe, clarinet and fagot (1987), 8 ´, man., rec.: CRo Hradec Králové
Duo for Oboe and Fagot (1985), 6 ´,man.,
Idyllica for Oboe, clarinet and fagot - ossia: 3 basethorns, 4 clarinetti, (1996) 8´,
rec.: CRo Praha (4 clarinetti)
Quintetiade for windquintet (1974), 15´, CHF, rec.: Panton
Muzikou zní každá žilka. Polka for choir of flute a bec.(1992), 2´, man., rec.:Cro Praha
Adagio and Allegro for Tuba and Piano (1980), 6´, CHF
Sonata for organ No. 4 (2005), mat.: autor, rec.: ČRo Praha

Chamber vocal Compositions

When the Road Ended. Cycle of songs for soprano and piano (1972), 17´,
Panton, rec.: Panton
What do you Hide. Cycle of songs for bass-barytone and Piano (1976), 10´,
man., rec.: CRo Praha
In the Country of Memories. Cycle of songs for hihger voice and piano
(1977), 12´, Panton, rec.: Panton
Drinking Songs.Cycle for barytone and Piano. (1983), 10´, Kulturní dům Příbram,
rec.: CRo Plzeň
Aufer a nobis.Song for Voice and Organ (1992), 5´, man.,CD:Kalendář Liberecka
Alleluja.Song for Voice and Organ (1996), 4´, man.,

Choir Compositions

Lullaby for Martin for chamber male choir (1978), 4´, CHF
Three Male Chorusess with Bugle-horn to Lada´s Pictures (t.: K.Bednář)
(1982), 10´,man. rec.:CRo Olomouc
The Kitchen Band. Song for Children Choir (t.: J.Krůta) (1983), 2´,
From the Sci-fi Notebook. (t.:T.Janovic), (1985), 5´, man.,
Spring Motivs.Cycle for Mixed Choir a capella (ad.lib.:2 viol and cello)(1987), 11´.,
man., rec.: CRo Praha
Vivat Komenský. Cycle of Songs for Children Choir (t.: V.Fischer)
(1988), 12´, man.,
Missa con viola viola obligata for Mixed Choir, viola sola, drums and Organ
(1998), 30´, man.,